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Kidney Diseases

My low creatinine level



I just got my lab urine test back and my creatinine level was at 13 mg. What could have caused this? Could alcohol have something to do with making it this low?


The urine creatinine level goes up and down all day, depending on how much fluid you have recently had to drink.  If you have drunk a lot (of water or alcohol or anything), your urine will tend to be more dilute, and the measured creatinine level will be lower.  If you have not drunk anything at all (as during the night), your urine will tend to be concentrated (first thing in the morning), with a high urine creatinine level.  The important thing is what your blood creatinine level is doing -- it should be constant through the day, and should be approximately 1.0 mg/dL or less.  This would indicate that your kidneys are doing their job in excreting waste products such as creatinine.

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