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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Mastoid Air Cell Disease



I am 34 year old Male that has been experiencing multiple symptoms of "Mastoid Air Cell Disease". I have no swelling of the ear, no redness behind the ear, no headaches and no vertigo. I do have minor discomfort, occassional feeling of echo when speaking (as in water on the ear after a swim), some fluid sensation when pinter finger pressure behind ear and minor itching in the external ear canal.

I had a CT scan completed and the radiologist stated the following: underpneumatization of right temporal bone with scattered opacified air cells at the mastoid tip, but the air cells in the body of the temporal bone are well pneumatized.

The ENT specialist I met with stated that it should resolve itself over time, but since these symptoms have been experienced for over a year, I am becoming concerned.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations on treatment or next steps so that I can speak intelligently at the follow up appointment that I have scheduled.


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