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I am gravely concerned about my cousin. Years ago, I noticed a series of changes in my cousins: she seemed incredibly confused and irritable. Once, I recall talking to her and seeing her left arm shake tumultuously to the point where her pen flew out of her hand. Briefly, during that time, she could not follow our conversation, she just seemed confused. Another incident, I observed is when she complained about not being able to fall asleep and her memory being off. As we were walking, she became disoriented and incontinent. A year and a half later, she went to the doctor, and was given an MRI. The MRI indicated she was fine. I don`t understand; she was a bright , creative girl, and now, she is relearning how to cross the street. Huh? I don`t understand how the MRI came out negative. What can be done for her? Thanks


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