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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Recovery from Vestibular Neurits



Hey, i was diagnosed with a Vestibular deficit in my right ear at the end of 2005. Recovery was very slow and now after 4 1/2 year while im much better i still feel mild unsteadiness and disequalibrim especially when performing activities that include alot of stimultion. My question is is it normal to still be having effects and if so how much longer am i looking at ? Several sites say that mild dizziness while moving your head will go on for several years after infection. What exactly does that mean? Thanks!


On the good side, almost all patients recover completely from vestibular neuronitis. Unfortunately, it can take a prolonged period of time to recover from that condition. In patients where the recovery is really slow, a course of vestibular rehabilitation is very effective. This is a physical therapy designed specifically to help the vestibular system either recover from or adapt to a problem. A referral/prescription from your primary care or otolaryngologist is usually necessary and should be provided by a physical therapist with specific training and experience in vestibular rehab.

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