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Sports Medicine

Knee Pain and Meniscus Tear



I have been suffering from undiagnosed knee pain almost my whole life. I have however, until recently, been able to cope with the pain with Advil and am now dance teacher. Three months ago the pain in my left knee intensified and became very debilitating. I can`t run, jump or bend my knee anymore and often have to limp while walking. My knee buckles all the time and gets locked up a lot as well. I tried PT for 3 months religiously (twice a week) and it got so much worse.

I`ve had an MRI where they found a post-anterior medial meniscus tear that may or may not broach the inferior articular margin. They also found cysts on my ACL from old sprains (which i didn`t even notice due to the pain I`m consistently in). The radiologist said the meniscus tear is degenerative but I`m 22 and my doctor doesn`t seem to agree. I saw a surgeon and he said that there was nothing he can do. The surgeon isn`t even sure the meniscus is what is causing me pain if it`s not a complete tear (which he doesn`t think it is... though his physical exam is positive for a meniscus tear). He said he could do a scope but doesn`t recommend it because he doesn`t think he`ll find anything. Apparently he said he sees athletes with this frequently and he can`t do anything except for maybe poke holes in the meniscus and hope for healing by bleeding. He also recommended getting a PRP injection. Is this the right path? what else could be the diagnosis? I`ve heard completely contradicting things from three doctors and a radiologist. I`m in a lot of pain and unable to work and doctors keep sending me to someone else saying there is nothing they can do.


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