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Mouth Diseases

Growing Gum 2



hi thanks for repyling back to me. i have been to the doctors today.. i should of said i had histiocytosis x when i was 3 and the doctor wants me to have blood tests to check for this on monday. the doctor is not sure if my swollen and growing gum is to do with the histiocytosis x returning. i have also been suffering bleeding noses every other day for the last two months (i have always suffered bleeding noses but they have got more recent). my swollen gum gives me no pain and my 7 year old boy describes it as `a large white bubble covering my tooth` i hope you have got a better understanding of my problem and i look forward to your reply. thank you. 


It sounds as though your doctor is taking proper precautions in making a correct diagnosis, given your medical history. Ultimately, a biopsy of the gum mass will be needed to establish 1) the final diagnosis and 2) the need for further treatment, if any.

Good luck!

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John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD John R Kalmar, DMD, PhD
Clinical Professor of Pathology
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University