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Lupus and Menopause



I have Lupus and have started going through menopause. I have been experiencing extreme hot flashes. Twice, I have also been very sick for 3 days each time. I experience a very hot face with a very cold body and a low temp. I also feel lifeless with very little ability to even move about. My period is starting to coming at different times. This time 2x in one month. I have my period right now and experienced all the symptons stated above from the day after I got it until yesterday. I am currently on plaquenil, prednisone, oxy-contin, paroxetine, prilosec and xanax. Could any of these or the lupus combined with the menopause make these symptoms occur?


As I'm sure you have guessed, the answer to your question is not easy. Your medical history complicates things significantly.

You need to make an appointment soon with your Rheumatologist and/or PCP and discuss these symptoms in detail.

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Cynthia B Evans, MD Cynthia B Evans, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University