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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Type IIISupraglottic Muscle Tension Dsyphonia



I`ve been diagnosed with Type III Supraglottic Muscle tension dysphonia. I`ve been going to speech therapy and practicing the exercises that have been recommended. I`m a teacher and must talk constantly.

I`m extremely tired after talking for more than 1 hour, so much so that I sought the help of my primary care physician. She has run blood test and everything looks good except for the fact that my Vitamin D level is low. Currently I attend speech therapy to learn tools to help me combat this problem.

As mentioned before, I become extremely tired the more I talk. I feel like I can barely move. I’ve been taking B12 shots (via physician orders) in an effort to help with my energy levels.

My question to you is….is extreme tiredness a symptom of MTD? Is there anything else I can do to regain energy? Thanks in advance for your help.


Decreased energy in general is a sign of muscle tension dysphonia.
However, given the lack of voice therapy benefits, I would make
sure everything else has been ruled out; make sure you get a videostrobosocpy that is read by both the speech pathologist and a laryngologist (someone who specializes and has probably done a fellowship on voice disorders). If the strobe is normal, techniques such as massage and meditation have shown to have some use.

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Siddarth M Khosla, MD Siddarth M Khosla, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati