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Athletic Training




I wanted more toned arms, so I decided to do backwards push-ups off a chair. Unfotunately, my arms became terribly huge -picture weightlifter large. Disappointed with my results, I decided to do no physical activity. The large muscles turned into a large amount of fat. I am upset because my arms weren`t bad at all, I just wante them to be more defined, and now I have large flabby arms. What can I do to make my arms small again?


Unfortunately, there aren't many options for you at this point for reduction of the size of your arms. You can have surgery, which isn't the answer in my opinion. I would look at total body conditioning because that in the long term is the best prescription for your overall health and wellness. This time I would look to train your entire arm complex. You want balance between your muscle groups. General body exercising may reduce some of that fat layer. However, I wouldn't expect great losses in the area.

Good luck and try to remember to LOVE THE SKIN YOU'RE IN!!!!

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Chalisa   Fonza, MA, ATC Chalisa Fonza, MA, ATC
Athletic Trainer
Clinical Instructor at the School of Allied Medical Professionals
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University