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Head and Neck Cancer

Skin Cancer & Calcified Lymph Node in Neck



Hi. I am a 45 year old female. I have an enlarged lymph node in my neck slightly to the right and above the collarbone v. I noticed it about 2 months ago and I waited thinking it would go away since sickness had been going around at work. It did not so I went to the doctor a sonogram revealed a calcified lymph node and my blood work was normal except for high chloestrol (which is hereditary). I had to go back to the doctor because all of sudden the enlarged node turned red and has become painful when I eat or swallow sometimes. When I asked what caused my lymph node to be calcified he said he did not know. After reading some of the questions and answers to people with similar problems, I cannot think of a time when I was sick with any of the things the other people had. However I possibly had mono in high school. I slept almost an entire year all the time. More recently last year I had Squamus skin cancer removed from my nose and stomach and some other type from my shoulder and hand. Do you think these things could have caused this and do I need to worry? The doctor put me on an antiboitic for the redness of the lymph node.


If the lymph node has been present for 14 or more days it HAS to come OUT. It can then be sent to pathology and evaluated. In this day and age we do not want to lose the advantage of a speedy diagnosis.

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