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Kidney Diseases

Kidney Inflamation



I am a 66 year old male. I live in Miami Florida. This pass June 2009 I went for annual physical. The doctor looked at the blood work and suggested to check with the gastroenterologist, the hematologist, nephrologists and hepatologist which I did. Finally after liver and kidney biopsies, the nephrologist’s diagnosis: autoimmune cholongiopathy also autoimmune pancreatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis. Back in August 2002 I had the Wipple Procedure done from which I recouped and went back to work and a good physical active live. I don’t know if there is a connection between these two episodes. Right now I am under the nephrolist care taking Cellcept 2000mg day, Prednisone 20mg day, Ursodiol 1500 day, Pancrease MT 16 2cap/ each meal, Omeprazole DR 20mg day and Avodar 0.5mg day. I still go to the gym 2 times a week, ride the bicycle and run a bit, in other words I feel good most of the time. I was accepted by the insurance diagnosis of nephritis.My nephrologists at U. of Miami Miller School of Medicine, says that the kidney inflammation is getting better but I am still passing blood in the urine occasionally. Since August 2009 basically I have being on this drug regimen, any suggestions as to new approach? Thank you.


Sorry that I cannot be of help here.  From the description you give, I cannot tell what is wrong with your kidneys.  The diagnoses that you name have nothing to do with the kidneys.  So the best I can suggest is that you ask your nephrologist to explain to you exactly what your kidney diagnosis is, and how it's related to your liver and pancreas problems.  Do not hesitate to ask until you understand what is happening and why you have to be on medications like Cellcept and prednisone (it may be that these are for your liver, or pancreas, or kidneys -- I can't tell).  Best of luck to you!

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