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Urinary Disorders

Penis Shrinking & Lack of Use



I was treated for ED in 1993 with self injections. My penis length was about 6 inches and appeared normal. Sex stopped when I was injured by a car breaking both hips and a knee in 2/1996 (age 59). Later in 2001 & 2002 I had TKR & THR. During this time sex was too painful or complicated so activity fell off. Now in 2010 I find that my penis has gradually shrunken to be about 3-4 inch long. My masturbation activities fell to a once a month schedule and intercourse is infrequent to none. Philosophically I accepted this as bad luck and gave up on being interested in sexual thoughts, looking at women, etc. I do have weak nocturnal erections but they are a little weak and I never have nocturnal emissions anymore either. My urination is weak sometimes and is hard to start occasionally. My age is nearing 74. My question is given this history is my penis shrinkage permanent? Should I see a urologist ASAP or later? I am contemplating cataract surgery soon also. Thanks very much.


Although the penile length is constant through out life but extension from the base to the tip varies depending on the bulk of pubic fat pad and of course tumescence. If there is still desire for sexual activities then there are solutions. Sex is not just penetration and or ejaculation. Intimacy at older age is more pleasing to women. However, if you were using injection back in 90's you can be offered penile implant. Also, nocturnal emission or ejaculation or so called "wet dreams" is very rare in men after age 30. But nocturnal erection is a sign of healthy sexual organ which diminishes by age as well.

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