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Exercise and Fitness

Weight Loss and Saggy Skin



i was thinking about buying a Aerobic DVD that helps me lose waight and get rid of saggy skin, cane you recomend any Aerobic DVD that has training for building up saggy skin and that i cane lose waight off.. Ps what exersice helps me get firm brests again ? Thanks.


There is not a specific workout DVD that I would recommend to you. There is a very wide range available to people of all different levels. I think the best idea would be to check out some from the library. This way you can shop around without having to invest the money in something you don’t like. When you find a DVD that works for you, you can then buy it at a store or online.


These are the elements I would look for in an exercise DVD:


1) It should have varying levels of difficulty. In other words, the more you do the workouts, the easier they will become. The instructor should offer exercise options that are more challenging or your fitness levels may become too advanced for the DVD.

2) It should have a combination of aerobic, resistance, and flexibility training. If you can only find a DVD with aerobic exercise, be aware that you should also be doing some weight lifting. This will maintain muscle while you lose weight and help you firm up.

3) It is often helpful to buy a series. These are designed to vary your workouts and keep you from getting bored.


Remember, that diet is an important aspect of losing fat. It is essential to make healthy changes in your eating behavior. If you are just beginning an exercise routine, be sure to consult your doctor first.

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Rebecca  Nguyen, MS Rebecca Nguyen, MS
Manager of the Faculty and Staff Fitness Program
College of Education and Human Ecology
The Ohio State University