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A while ago, I went to an aesthetician at a doctor`s office for a facial. She noticed a scar on my chin and convinced me to bleach it. I always had an insecurity about this tiny scar, so I took her advice and used the cream she gave me. She advised me to rub the cream on my chin and the sides of my mouth. I never had hyperpigmetation on the sides of mouth; I only had a microscopic scar on the bottom of my chin. She believed by bleaching my the scar, the scar would be lighter than the rest of my face, so to avoid contrast I should bleach the sides of my mouth so there wouldn`t be so much contrast. Unfortunately, I was never advised to wear sunblock and to not use products with glycolic acid or salycic acid. Now, I have a problem. The areas that were bleached definitely standout: The areas are five shades darker than the rest of my skin. They look leathery and thick, whereas before my skin was buttery. What can I do to reverse my hyperpigmentation?


Hyperpigmentation fades with time, although it can take several months. In the meantime, continue with sun protection using sunscreen and minimizing sun exposure.


I would not recommend another lightening or bleaching cream at this point. If there are spotty areas that definitely stand out as being very dark, this issue may be revisited down the road, as in 3-6 months from now.

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Elma D Baron, MD Elma D Baron, MD
Associate Professor of Dermatology
Director, Skin Study Center
School of Medicine
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