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Lung diseases

Why do I keep getting bronchitis?



Why do i keep getting bronchitis and pnemonia?

Since I was a child to now im 29 year old female I get bronchtis or pnuemonionia at least twice a year plus sinus infections astma and algeries and one cold after another. I never have smoked but my mom smoked while she was pregnant with me. This year im on my second round of pnuemonia third round of bronchitis and second round of sinus infections.In a recent doctors visit I had swollen glands a pulse oxygen of 97 in adition to pneumonia. Why wont I get better? im on advaire a nebulizer and a rescue inhaler.


There are some conditions that can cause a person to have frequent infections. It would be difficult to tell in your case what is causing it without examining you and looking at your records. The best thing to do would be talk to your regular doctor about a referral to pulmonary or allergy/immunology.

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Karen L Wood, MD Karen L Wood, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University