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Spine and Back Health

MRI of the T Spine



Curious what all of this could possibly mean: The alignment of the thoracic spine is anatomic. no evidence of acute fracture or dislocation. Height of vertebral bodies are well maintained. The marrow signal again demonstrates a low signal focus within the T5 vertebral body. Post contrast images through this region show no evidence of abnormal contrast enhancement. Low signal focus within T5 vrtebral body. This finding is nonspecific but most likely represents a benign entity such as an atypical hemangioma. I have been having really bad upper back pain, right shoulder pain and pain in the arms, Like a bad ache. Been going to a chiropractor and pain seems worse. The last 6 months or so I have had soreness on my spine in the area where this hemangioma is...didnt know it was there until after having MRI...nothign else is showing up on the MRI...Could this be the cause of all the pain I have been having?

Thank you for your help.


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