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Lung diseases

Lung Scarring



I was told, after an MRI in 2007, that I had a non specific 5mm mass on my lung. My doctor told me that it was probably because I smoke. I get Bronchitis at least twice a year. In a chest x ray last year I was told that I have lung scarring, in fact, they asked me if I had any surgery on my lungs. A few months later I failed a TB test at work. Could this all be related, and if so should I get checked? My work decided not to pay for a chest x ray, So I do not know if there is still issues with this. I also have a history of pleurisy, and a family history of lung cancer (my father died from it). Thank you for your time.


Thank you for visiting NetWellness.  By your note, I interpret that you have a positive TB skin test with scarring on your CXR. If so, you need to follow this up with a repeat CXR. TB has a predictable CXR configuration, but with the history of pleurisy and a positive TB test, further testing may be needed. I suggest that you contact your physician to ask about any further evaluation that may need to be done to make sure that the CXR change is not from a specific process like TB or other important reason.

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