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Breast Cancer

Estrogen link to Fibroidenoma?



I am a 26 year old female. I have found a lump 40 days ago. It was very small. I have bothered it by trying to see what it is. Over the past 40 days it has grown to 4-5 cms in diameter. It feels smooth and hard. I have been to a breast clinic and the doctor told me it may be related to fibrous and glandular tissue. It has grown appoximately 2-3 cms since I seen him 16 days ago. I went for a physical approximately a month ago and I was told that my estrogen levels were low. My family doctor does not want to progress investigating why my estrogen levels are low until we find out what this lump is. I have a scheduled ultrasound in 18 days to see what this mass is. The breast doctor assured me that I should not worry. I am wondering if there is a link between my low estrogen levels and this new lump? I have been trying to have a baby for a year now and I am unable to get pregnant. What are some reasons why my estrogen level be low?


There is likely no link between low estrogen levels and a breast mass, but definitely please followup with the ultrasound evaluation that is planned for the breast mass.

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