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Kidney Diseases

Misshapen kidney



During a recent CT scan for an unrelated problem it was discovered that my right kidney had a "bump" on it.

Recently I have developed twinges in my lower right back but only when I move.There is no pain as such. Could this be associated with my misshapen kidney? I`m a 71 year old male who suffers from osteoarthritis.


No, the unusual shape of your right kidney is very, very unlikely to be causing the twinges you feel in your lower back.  Fetal kidneys have a different shape than adult ones and are more lumpy or "lobulated"-looking; they gradually smooth out with age, but sometimes a hump will persist.  Ask your doctor whether the lump had any kind of unusual appearance, suggesting that it might be a tumor; if so, further studies should be obtained, and if not, don't worry about it any more.  Please see the link to our article on "kidney pain" for a description of the sort of pain that can be blamed on the kidneys. 

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