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Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders

Ear Pain Followed by One-Sided Congestion



About three months ago, I woke up one morning with my left ear feeling completely plugged up. This was not preceded by a cold or anything else and I`ve never had trouble with allergies. Over the following couple weeks, the feeling of fullness improved significantly, but was replaced by ear pain and pressure and I began to feel some unsteadiness (like walking on a boat, not vertigo). These symptoms have continued with fluctuating severity ever since and I consistently get popping and clicking in my ears when I swallow (much louder in the left ear).

Since this began, my ears and nose usually feel congested when I wake in the morning but, until recently, I wasn`t experiencing any congestion during the day. Over the last month, however, I have been experiencing increasing congestion in my left nostril, even though I can`t blow any excess mucus out of it (what mucus I do have is usually completely clear). If I breathe heavily through my nose, I can feel pressure in my left ear and left side of face (sinus?). Before this last set of symptoms appeared, I had gone to a primary care physician who couldn`t find any sign of infection and said it was "eustachian tube dysfunction or serous otitis media" and should go away within six months.

Do the new symptoms suggest anything?


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