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Eye and Vision Care




My daughter (age 21) has been experience redness in her eye for a little over a week. Thought it was her contacts, so she changed them, but it didn`t go away.

We had steriod drops and put them in her eye as well, but that didn`t help much either. She says she can now feel it and it does blur her vision very little.

I`ve been reading up on eye problems and I think it is Ptergia. However the only difference is that when you look closely there is a circular ball in the middle of the irration.

We have made a Dr. appt. but I`m so worried that it is something much worse than Ptergia.

What do you think?

Thank you Worried Mom!


You and she are wise to schedule an eye appointment, since I obviously cannot diagnose her condition without examining her.

But red eyes and blurred vision can result from many different eye diseases, including those caused by bacteria, viruses, and atmospheric pollution like dust, pollen, grasses, molds, and even excessive exposure to sunlight.

At age 21, pterygia is uncommon. Pinguecula might be a possibility, but that is also seen more commonly in older patients. Dry eye, especially in contact lens patients, fits her age and gender profile better. 

Regardless of the cause, her eye doctor will probably prescribe an eye drop to relieve her symptoms.

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Robert D Newcomb, OD, MPH, FAAO Robert D Newcomb, OD, MPH, FAAO
Professor Emeritus of Clinical Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University