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Allergy to Glycerin or Hormones??



Hi, I`ve had 5 pregnancies...two full term...one 23 years ago and one 3 years ago. When pregnant with my son now 23, there was no sign of rash. When pregnant with my daughter, now 3, a rash began in week 10 of pregnancy, subsided after 3 weeks. Began again at 22 weeks, and did not leave my body until 2 months after weaning her from the breast...would be up at night crying with the itch. I`ve since had flare-ups of this rash over the 3 years...in all cases following pregnancy, it`s begun with my left breast, then my right hip, lower abdomen, then mid-back, and base of my neck at my back. First thought to be PUPPS (pregnancy related), but later diagnosed as Weeping Eczema and prescribed 1% HC w/1% Hyderm. Have just come back from allery skin testing, being `picked` for 32 various possibilities...environmental...ie trees, grass, plants, pet hair, dust mites etc. Both arms immediately broke out in red burning and itching all the way from pick #1 - 32, the glycerin pick included. Is it possible I am allergic to glycerin? Or due to this having first raised it`s ugly head in my pregnancy, can it be hormone related? In all flare-ups, it seems to be onsetting as my menstrual cycle approaches. The only `pick` that didn`t react, was the one that had nothing in it. Bkgrd...I`ve never had allergies before in my life, and have no other symptoms...and no, no one else in my household has this. Please help...going out of my bloody tree with the itching...and it`s not pretty!


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