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Sports Medicine

Loss of Strength in Left Arm



I was wake boarding a few weeks ago and while in the water starting to be towed I heard and felt a pop in the lower left part of my chest. I was able to continue for the day but as time went by I started to feel weak in my left arm, unable to support myself or squeeze things etc. Now two or three weeks on in certain ranges of motion my arm loses all strength, there is a sharp pain and I basically have to gently let it lower or go back to a position that functions. For instance if I hold my arms in an L shape with hands pointed skyward and try to lift my arm up over my head I can do it with some discomfort, however should I do the same task but clinch my fist in a ball the weakness is more severe and I cannot complete the task. I am in between jobs and of course uninsured. What can I do in order to limit or negate any possible loss of motion and or strength? Is this too serious that I cannot self treat and need surgical intervention?


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