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Alzheimer's Disease

Pick`s Disease



My 49 year old wife was diagnosed with Picks Disease at OSU-Dept. of Neurology. I know it`s a progressive disease with no cure. How can we find help with her everyday living functions? At this time she does very well, except for language skills, ADD symptoms and math. We are having a hard time finding help and coping skills specific to Pick`s Disease and not Alzheimer`s. And also how to tell friends and family about what is happening without the stigma of "dementia".


Your local Alzheimer's Association Chapter can be a great resource for families of patients with Pick's disease. They can provide information regarding Home Health Agencies and others who could offer help for her specific care issues. They have support groups to help with coping issues by the family. Some Home Health Agencies focus on dementia care and you might seek those groups out. Her neurologist could also provide information. Regarding the stigma of the word dementia, you can tell others that she has thinking or memory problems instead of dementia.

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Douglas W Scharre, MD Douglas W Scharre, MD
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