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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

COPD and CHF togther - Prognosis?



Age 68 male suffering from COPD for 20yrs, now on oxygen 24/7 at 2-4% depending on activity level, now diagnosed with Congestive heart failure. In addition he has dystonia, onset 1995. Takes 18 oral meds a day, in addition to 3 different breathing meds(ie. xopenax) and iron supplement. Thank you!


Thank you for visiting Netwellness and for your question. A physician involved in the care of this patient with all of the information would be able to provide the best answer to this question. There is limited information available about prognosis in COPD. Combining that with congestive heart failure certainly is a difficult problem. One question for your physician is which disease is more severe and will be more life-limiting, the COPD or the CHF?

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