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Mental Health

Memory Loss from Medication 32 and Senile



I had seizures, was prescribed medicine and it wiped out a lot of my memory and processsing ability, Its been over a year since I stopped taking the Rx but I still have so much confusion that I can`t work a job. My husband had been supporting us but is now unemployed, we have no kids and no insurance and I can`t think straight, concentrate, remember things. I`ve developed a stutter, and have difficulty understanding directions. No Dr will see me without insurance and no one will tell me what`s happening to me. If there are health benefits for people like me I don`t know because the forms are hard for me to fill out and I don`t know how to find information without getting lost. What can I do? How do I get help?


The only services that may be available are at a local Community Mental Health Center. Hospitals also offer some free care and you would need to talk to the financial office to understand what a given hospital would be willing to offer.

Another option is to try to apply for Medicaid; you may be eligible. You may also be able to locate services at the link below.

Mental Health Services Locator

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