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Obesity and Weight Management

Obesity and Edema



I have severe edema in my legs. My health care provider insists that no tests are needed, she can tell just from my weight (247 lbs) that my weight is what is causing this.

I have read that obesity does not CAUSE edema, although it can exacerbate or contribute to other health problems that can cause edema.

Is this just a fight over semantics?

My dr just insists that I must lose weight, period, end of conversation. My view is that I want to know whether perhaps I have some condition that might be treatable in its own right, whether or not I am able to lose weight.

Which of us is right?


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There can be other conditions that contribute to the edema. However, edema in general can be treated with specific maneuvers and patient compliance. Weight loss is one way, but there are other things that may be suggested.

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