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Menopause Symptoms Increase as FSH Levels Inc



Just turned 50, had an ablation 6 years ago and no period since. Recetly started having signficantly worse than normal night sweats, and I`m starting to feel some heat during the day. My Gyn did a FSH blood test and this came back in the 30ish range. I was told that yes this was most likely the beginning stages of menopause. My first question is, as menopause proceeds will the FSH levels also increase? The second, more important question is, if FSH levels increase, will menopause symptoms likely get worse. I know there is a lot of variation here, but I`m just trying to figure if what I`ve got going on now is as bad as it gets, or if things will get worse.



Yes, your FSH level can increase, but it may also vary (go up or down). However, FSH level does not necessarily have anything to do with symptoms.  Your menopausal symptoms may be most similar to what your mother experienced.

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Linda A Bernhard, PhD, RN Linda A Bernhard, PhD, RN
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