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Pain Management

Migraines That Wake you up With Bizzare Aura



dear Dr Ive had horrible night time migraines and auras I see horrible red green blue and other color pinwheels of light upon waking in the middle of the night in agaony for no reason other than gasping for breath.Im going to see my dr next week. im terrified. Please tell me im not alone? It feels like my heads being crushed and thats on treximet depakote abilfy topamax amandantine predisone as a aborbivtive but it can only be taken in the morning. treximet and relpax and advaire for asthma. I wake up in a absoulte panic pinnined to my bed . I cant go on this way I sleep prop up on pillows but but maybe theres a better way? im Always tired.Any suggestions vastly aspersted


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