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Eye and Vision Care

Second Opinion Needed on Eye Problems with PC




I am currently studying to become a pilot. I went for an exam with an opthalmologist who said that my eyes were in good condition and I have 20/20 vision. However, recently at work I have been getting eye strain being at the computer all day, one eye a little more than the other.

I went to an optometrist and they said that I am slightly long sighted in both eyes, which they determined to be the problem. They suggested a weak prescription pair of reading glasses to be worn at the computer when I am working.

Work has offered to reimburse me for a pair of reading glasses, but a friend of mine who works in health care discouraged me to and said once you start using reading glasses your eyes can start declining.

I am hoping to get an expert opinion on this because my eyes are very important to my career as a pilot, so I want to make the best decisions and not cause any damage that may put my license in jeapoardy.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards.


Eyestrain with computer use is common. It is likely that the prescription will provide some relief. It is possible that you are a little far sighted, and wearing the prescription is unlikely to affect your distance vision and thus your eligibility for a pilot’s license.

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Mark  Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD Mark Bullimore, MCOptom, PhD
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University