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Different Types of Asthma



When I exercise, when I am out in the cold and worse when I exercise in the cold weather and when I get a viral infection like a cold or flu I get very bad coughing and wheezing. My doctor told me that I have asthma. Last year I got bronchitis 4 times. I have no symptoms unless I am exercisng, out in the cold or have a virus. Could I have exercise induced, cold induced and viral induced asthma? Can one person have three different types of asthma? Is there any way to prevent from getting bronchitis again this year?


It is possible that people with chronic asthma can have multiple triggers including viral infections, cold air, and exercise. It may be that your maintenance asthma regimen is inadequate to protect you from asthma flares when exposed to these triggers.

Talk to your doctor about your asthma maintenance regimen. You may need it augmented.

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Jonathan P Parsons, MD, MSc Jonathan P Parsons, MD, MSc
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Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep
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