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I Think There is Something Wrong With My Head



Hi im 17 and sometimes i can`t control my speech. i sometimes studder or mix up a whole sentence or totaly forget what i was about to say. im also having a problem with my saliva. i could be talking to my mom and turn my head downward to look at something or pick something up and saliva jus runs out my mouth like water. this only happens sometimes but it seems to be becoming more often. i think it may be because of some head trauma i had when i was younger the whole falling off the bike stage. but i jus recently got a laceration on my chin in a drumming incident my foot got caught on a piece of metal so when i fell the harness of the bass drum sliced my lower right chin. i don`t kno if that has anything to do with it but i thought id jus include it just in case. so can anyone out there help me? :)


Dear 17 year old with difficulty controlling speech, Are these speech and saliva problems new or have they been going on since your head trauma? In either case, I would discuss these symptoms (including when you notice them and how they change) with your primary physician. Once your physician rules out a medical cause for these concerns then I would ask for a referral to a speech language pathologist. You can relearn speech patterns and strategies to improve your ability to express your ideas efficiently. Good luck.

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Paula C Rabidoux, PhD/CCC-SLP Paula C Rabidoux, PhD/CCC-SLP
Clinical Associate Professor of Psychiatry
Clinical Associate Professor of Speech & Hearing
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
The Ohio State University