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Skin Care and Diseases

Small Bumps Isolated To Chin Area



I have several small flesh-colored bumps isolated in the area between my chin and lower lip that appeared about four weeks ago. They are in little clusters, but do not hurt, itch or burn. Additionally, there does not appear to be any liquid in them. I know whatever they are, it is not transferable as my partner does not have any symptoms.

I have tried regular astringents, face washes, Burrow`s Solution (Domeboro), acne cream and Triamcinolone Acetonide - nothing seems to work.

I have not recently changed my diet or have been to any foreign places. Also, I am not currently on any medications. I have not changed my regime recently in regards to anything that comes into contact with my face. I have never had acne or any other dermatological disorders.

Please help me diagnose this! Thank you so much for your time and assistance!

PS - I have not been to a doctor yet as I do not have insurance at this time. :-(


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