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Newborn and Infant Care

Newborns, Pregnancy, and Medications



Hello, I am planning to become pregnant. I am on a low dose combination of Lexapro, Wellbutrin, and Lithium. These are absolutely critical for me to live. I have tried to switch medications to something safer on several occassions with an extremely bad outcomes. My psychiatrist and I have decided that the best option for ME is to stay on the doses I am on through pregnancy, though I have read that this may have potentially poor (even devastating)outcomes for a developing fetus. Therefore, I am considering the possibility, with my providers, of taking less medication at the time of conception, 1st trimester,and last. (this will hopefully minimize effects on heart and lungs) Again, that is, if it is possible. I have read the frightening risks. My main question is: Have you SEEN any babies delivered with the mom being on any one of these meds, and what has been the outcome for these babies? Thank you. I know that no one can tell me that it will be OK; I am just looking for actual FIRSTHAND accounts rather than secondhand stories or statistics, which is all I have been able to find until now.


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