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Urinary Disorders

Urethral Diverticulum Surgery



I had Surgery to correct a diverticulum 7 days ago. I am still with a catheter at home and expect to be for at least another week and a half when I return to the doctor, however, what I realized tonight when using a mirror, is the catheter is not in my urethra from the opening, rather it is through my vagina where the Dr. went in to correct the diverticulum. When the doctor drew a picture of what he was going to do, he didn`t mention this. Truth be told I`m very shaken. Is this normal? Once the catheter is removed, will I begin to urinate correctly through my urethra or is this a permanant incision? Lastly, is this the reason I have read so many things on dribbling and leaks afterwords?


I am assuming the problem was urethral diverticulum and not bladder diverticulum. Otherwise the surgery would have been done from the above. In that case I have to reassure you the catheter must be in the correct position. Otherwise the urine would not have drained in the bag attached to the catheter. If a portion of the catheter is visible then you have the problem of urethral disruption. Contact your surgeon soon.

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