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Eye and Vision Care

Different Eye Size



My left eye has become smaller than other why? My eye sight is perfectly ok.My age is 38.


Under normal circumstances, the size of the eye does not change. If the eye has had significant trauma or has been inflicted with extensive disease there is a chance that the eye will start to become atrophic (breaks down) and subsequently become smaller.

Sometimes the eye will look smaller due to certain conditions of the eyelid. If the eyelid starts to droop it will create the illusion that one eye is smaller than the other. Also, if the eye recesses (moves further back) in the eye socket it will also appear to be smaller.

If this is something that you have just recently noticed, I would encourage you to see an eye care professional, as changes to the lids can be indicators of serious conditions.

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Aaron  Zimmerman, OD, MS Aaron Zimmerman, OD, MS
Clinical Associate Professor of Optometry
College of Optometry
The Ohio State University