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Skin Care and Diseases

Red Scaly Marks



i have developed over last winter a couple of coin size marks on my legs. it first began as a scaly red dried patch that looks like a rash but isnt really around my inner thigh. then at the beginning of this summer i got another one on the same leg which started out scaly aswell. by this time teh first one has started to grow and kind of wear out in a disappearing fasion. i started to but salcylic acid on it and now the scaling is gone and it looks more like a orange red than a pink red and has started to lighten consirebaly...i just realised i have another one begging to show on my other leg near the ankle and im curious as to what it is...is it something serious...but it only shows on my legs.kindly give me an idea to what it possibly could be and does it need professional medical help.


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