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Urinary Disorders

Swelling and pain 2 wks post ureteroscopy?



I was diagnosed w/ a impacted 6mm kidney stone on the right and moderate hydronephrosis. The first attempt at lithrotripsy resulted in a "one size fits all" double J stent and the stone staying put. A week later we tried ESWL, but couldn`t get the stone lined up in the "box". The stent was extrememly painful while moving, or urinating, and I was referred to another urologist, who performed ureteroscopy with a laser breakup almost 2 weeks ago, and removed the original stent without having another one placed. I passed a great deal of the stone, if not all of it, and was actually pretty much completely pain free the next day and up till the last few days. Now, I feel slight pain in the kidney region almost constantly. Looking in the mirror, I noticed my entire side appears to be swollen, not a great deal, but`s it`s obvious to me. Should I be worried or is this a common thing? I`d imagine that I have some internal bruising/scarring from the stent. Thanks.


Some discomfort after treatment of a stone and removal of a stent is not uncommon. There could be some residual stone fragments in the ureter or edema of the ureteral oriface. It would be reasonable to follow up with your doctor and have a urine checked and obtain an imagining study to be sure there is no persistent obstruction to the kidney if the symptoms persist.

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