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Dental Anesthesia

Local Anesthetics



I have been injected several times to achieve numbness and it doesn`t take. It is a concern when you are anticipating dental work and cannot get numb.

This has happened about 3 separate times on the top and bottom of my mouth. But, other times the anesthetics seem to work just fine.

Is there a solution to this problem so that there is no need to be concerned about future dental work and if you can get it done?


There are instances where local anesthesia is not effective for some patients. This is usually more so the case in the lower vs. the upper jaw. Here are some options to discuss with your dentist: 

For lower jaw: Gow Gates injection Intraosseus buccal infiltration with articaine 

For the upper jaw: articaine infiltration inject and then inject again shortly thereafter.

There are other options, but these might be worth trying. Otherwise, general anesthesia is always possible. Look for a dentist anesthesiologist who can come to your dentist's office to provide this service. Look at http://www.asdahq.org

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Steven I Ganzberg, SB, DMD, MS Steven I Ganzberg, SB, DMD, MS
Formerly, Clinical Professor of Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University