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Lung diseases

Granuloma and Calcified Node on My Left Lung




English is a second language for me so i will do the best i can to explain my problem. I`m from Canada (east coast) so i speak French. On a recent scan of my lungs, the doctor saw granuloma and calcified node on my left lung showing sign of a previous tuberculosis. I will see a expert on november 11 but i am very worried about the problem. Can it be a begining of lung cancer ? I used to have in the past other scan of my lungs. How come they did not see calcified node on those ones if it`s supposed to be a tuberculosis in my childhood. I hope my english is not too bad and you can understand what i am asking for help. I had a first scan of my lungs on june 1 of 2010 and another one around august 15 of that same year. Same results on both scan. The doctor said it was stable. If someone can help me with my question, it would be very appreciated. Thank you very much


If a nodule is completely filled in with calcium, it is benign. This can be from TB or from certain funguses that we can be exposed to from in North America. A calcified nodule will not become a cancer. If the nodule is only partially calcified, it should be followed with CT scans. I hope this helps. 

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Sandra L Starnes, MD Sandra L Starnes, MD
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