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Kidney Diseases

Adrenal Adenomas



I have recently been diagnosed with medullary sponge kidney. In the CT KUL that I did they also stated that i had a small ovoid shaped lesion on my Left Adrenal Gland with a fatty attenuation. I have also been suffering with severe lower back pain on both sides but I have no stones or any other infections. All the doctors that I have been to don`t explain this all properly to me and they say that the lesion is all part of MSK. is this true?


The three things that you have are not related. Medullary sponge kidney rarely causes symptoms, except rarely stones or infection, as you point out.

The back pain is most likely from muscles (or perhaps from the spine); neither MSK nor an adrenal adenoma should cause this symptom.  See the link below for our article on kidney pain.

The small adrenal adenoma is also probably not of any significance.  Your doctor can tell by a simple blood test whether you have a low potassium or a high bicarbonate level that would suggest that the adenoma might be secreting a hormone that is causing a chemical (electrolyte) imbalance. Adrenal adenomas can also cause hypertension, but not commonly.

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