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Dental and Oral Health (Adults)

Lump on Gum Line



I`ve had a problem with a back molar being pressure sensitive for about a year now. My dentist says it`s caused by the way my teeth are aligned. But now a fluid-filled lump(it is soft) has formed on the gum on the outside of that tooth, which has had a crown on it for about 7 years. The lump has a slight stinging sensation, and is tender when I use the tooth brush over it. I first noticed the lump about a week ago. The pain sensation in the tooth hasn`t increased. Is this a cause for concern? I live quite a ways from a dentist.


Without seeing it, I cannot give you a definitive answer on what the problem is, but I have a pretty good guess.

There are four primary reasons that a tooth would hurt to pressure/chewing. The first is that the crown on that tooth is too high and you are traumatizing the area every time you close your teeth together. That would not cause a lump on the gum line. The second is that you are grinding your teeth and that crown is an interference. That would not cause a lump on the gum line. You could have a crack down the root of the tooth or your tooth could be abscessed. Either of those could cause the lump.

Since the tooth has as crown on it, most likely it is not cracked. I would assume that the tooth has died and you have an abscess. An x-ray would confirm this most of the time and a root canal would fix it. Good luck.

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Daniel Nathan Reed, DDS Daniel Nathan Reed, DDS
Clinical Associate Professor of Primary Care Dentistry
College of Dentistry
The Ohio State University