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Kidney Diseases

I have a Bunn/Creatinine Ratio of 30



I have a bunn/creatinine ratio of 30. What does that mean and should I get follow up?


BUN/creatinine ratios are not indicators of renal function. They are calculations that give clues to transient alterations in renal function at best. The creatinine is the best single blood test of renal function that is generally available and for which there is a lot of experience.

Here is the reason. Suppose you have a creatinine of 0.8 and a BUN of 16. The ratio is 20. The creatinine in this example is normal. Now suppose the creatinine is 4.0 and the BUN is 80. The ratio is also 20 but in this example the creatinine is abnormal. Check with your doctor about your creatinine result.

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