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Delayed Dental Pain



I have delayed dental pain, starting about 40 minutes, after being outside in temperatures under 70 degrees, outside in the wind, or indoors after walking on a treadmill in a 68 degree basement. The pain always starts 40-45 minutes after these events. Nothing shows on x-rays. What could be the cause and is there a treatment? The pain is not always in the same area and can last 3 or more hours.


Pain in the oral and facial region can manifest in many ways. If you are experiencing a true dental pain, a clinical examination might be needed. Sometimes excessive wear on the teeth might cause the painful symptoms. If the clinical and X-ray examination is negative, then you might be experiencing what is called “atypical facial pain”. Usually the source of such pain is undetectable but the patient still experiences symptoms.

Yes, there are medications that you might benefit from. A facial pain specialist or a neurologist would be the best to consult. If you decide on a neurologist, make sure that you have had a “thorough” dental examination done to rule out the source of pain from your mouth.

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Rajesh  Gutta, BDS Rajesh Gutta, BDS
Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati