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Kidney Diseases

Protein to Creatinine Ratio Increase



My protein level has been gradually increasing (10 last month, 26 this month), as has my creatinine level (52 last month, 129 this month). Therefore, the creatinine to protein ratio has increased from 192 last month to 202 this month. I do have behcets disease and lupus and am treated with cytoxin meds. Do you think these increases are rising due to the medications over the course of 8 years, or that ultimately there will be kidney problems in the future, as kidney failure is associated with both diseases?


You don't provide enough detail about your condition so I can't give you a conclusive answer. Missing is your blood pressure control, your serm creatinine and a microscopic exam of your urine. If you have had a kidney biopsy this would be helpful. What you do provide represents a small fluctuation in the amount of proteinuria which may not necessarily be permenant. Small proteinuria changes need to be confirmed by repeating the test and weighing in the other factors mentioned above.

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