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Sports Medicine




I was training Brazilian jiu jitsu and i was put in a knee bar forcing my knee to bend the opposite way. The hyperextension wasn`t severe at all cause it was only applied for half a second before i was yelling for him to stop (taping out) but i did hear and feel a crack and now feel pain when i extend my knee or bend it all the way. Ive read of people recovering from this and that its probably slight damage to the acl but my question is if i would be ready to compete in a Jui Jitsu tournament only 6 days away with this happening yesterday. (just a note my left knee would be extended and bent many times and with force during the tournament)


To be able to successfully participate in a high demand activity such as a sports competition following an injury, to minimize risk of injury or re-injury, your knee should have:
  • Full, pain-free range of motion.
  • No swelling.
  • Normal strength in all major muscle groups in the injured leg compared to the opposite leg, and the ability to perform all activities required in the competition without pain, instability nor apprehension.
If these criteria are not met, you should be evaluated by a physician to make a determination regarding whether it would be advisable for you to participate.

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Brian L Bowyer, MD Brian L Bowyer, MD
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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
College of Medicine
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