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Lung diseases

CT Image Findings



I recently had a Helical CT scan and the findings were: A subcentimeter densely calcified granulomain the superior segment of the right lower lobe. There are calcified lymph nodes in the right hilum. WHAT does this mean? I have read this is usually caused from infection but I have never have any lung infection, I have worked in a paper mill for 29yr. and have breathed a lot of dust and have been exposed to a lot of chemicals, could this have caused these findings?


This is a common finding in Ohio and due to previous Histoplasmosis infection. This infection is very mild and patients usually think it is nothing more than a "cold" and do not seek medical care. The infection is healed by the body without the need of antibiotics in most cases but the healing occurs with the deposition of calcium in the lesions giving the characteristic X-ray findings. There is no relationship to occupational exposure.

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Jeff E Weiland, MD Jeff E Weiland, MD
Associate Professor - Clinical
OSU Asthma Center
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University