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Mental Health

Short Term Memory Deficit



30 y/o male, Psych tests age 9 short term memory deficit. No hx of szs, trauma etc. no know neuro deficts. Physical, some thickening of lips perhaps gums otherwise wnl; mental intact, A/B student, college grad. General observations: seems to have some focus issues, turns on hair dryer in bed while reading, computer work, before going to sleep. Heard of this symptom before, but can`t recall dx., etiology, tx., or prognosis.


You really need to see a psychiatrist for an evaluation. the symptoms you are describing are too vague to be able to tell you what this may be. I do believe that a good evaluation could provide some answers and put you on the right track for treatment. Good luck! 

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Radu   Saveanu, MD Radu Saveanu, MD
Associate Professor
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University