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Painful Teeth After Anesthesia



Two weeks ago I had surgery with anesthesia. Ever since then my teeth have been so severely sensitive that I can hardly stand to brush my teeth. Tooth paste gives me shooting pains. Sugar and a few other foods cause pain between my gum lines and teeth area. It`s as if the roots of my teeth are exposed. I`ve never had this problem before. Have you ever heard of anything like this related to having had a surgery?


Thanks for your question.

Sensitive teeth after anesthesia is not something I've encountered before, and is not something I have read any reports about. If I find anything in the literature we will let you know.

In the mean time I would advise consulting your dentist.

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Gareth S Kantor, MD Gareth S Kantor, MD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University