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Kidney Diseases

Ultrasound Results



I recently had an ultrasound completed of my right kidney after continued right sided pain. The results showed a 1.6 cm. anechoic lesion in the upper pole of my kidney. Six mths ago I had a CT scan done and in comparing this cyst has enlarged. I do have more discomfort as this gets larger. Is this something I should be concerned about and if so what is the next step treatment wise?


It is unlikely that the tiny cyst you describe has anything to do with your pain.  Most cysts are like little fluid-filled balloons; they are very common, and very rarely cause any symptoms or problems.  Occasionally a cyst may bleed, become infected, or even become malignant.  On a CT scan, it can be seen whether a cyst has any characteristics that make it of concern (for malignancy, for instance).  You don't say how much your cyst increased in size (sometimes size can appear different when comparing two studies, for instance comparing ultrasound with a CT scan).  The radiologist who read the CT scan should be able to comment on whether any further studies are needed, but if this remains a "simple cyst" (thin-walled, containing water but no blood or debris), nothing more needs to be done except possibly a repeat scan in 6-12 months to see if anything has changed.

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